Видео клуба онлайн: NTNM ep12 - Turtles Night Out, Part 1/3

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Теги: Развлечения, turtles, out, ntnm, night

Michaelangelo is cruising the streets of New York broadcasting his Sewer Hour radio program when he gets an idea to put on a costume rave (party) to raise money for animal rights. He broadcasts his plan over the airwaves and a local gang, The Unknowables, hear about it and determine that they deserve a cut of the money. Bonesteel also hears the broadcast and realizes that he can catch the Turtles there. Michaelangelo and Raphael are greeting the people who show up dressed up as their favorite animal when the Unknowables arrive. They say if they like the party, they'll take all the money. The Turtles don't want to create a conflict, so they allow the Unknowables to enter the party. Bonesteel also arrives dressed up like a giant bird. During the party, some of the Unknowables wanted to change the music. DJ Michaelangelo and Venus notice Bonesteel is about to throw a net on them, so they move out of the way. The Unknowables get nabbed by Bonesteel's net instead. Raphael finally confronts Bonesteel, but the Unknowables intervene and are upset about the net incident. Bonesteel convinces the Unknowables to help him capture the Turtles. The Unknowables try to catch the Turtles, but the Turtles take them out. Heavy D, the leader of the Unknowables, becomes upset that his gang has been defeated. The Turtles capture both Heavy D and Bonesteel, and hang them from the ceiling.

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