Видео клуба онлайн: White boy rapper expresses his freedom of speech.

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My lastest rap put to Lil Wayne's "Swag Surfin". If anybody can make good beats, lemme know, I've got plenty of material. Here's the lyrics:Saw you shakin that ass in the club, got my dick hardWanna play some black magic tricks? Bitch, pick a cardI'm the 6 of clovers - you be the 9 of spades, gonna have a Kwanzaa/St. Patty's fuckfest paradeYank yo panties to yo ankles and tear off yo fuckin shirt I'llWax those jumbo jiggly-wigglies like a muthafuckin turtleNow get down on yo knees, spread that stinky brown buttholeTonight I'm gonna make you feel like the town slut, hoThey call you black beautyYou got the big black bootyGonna eat that shit like rooty-tooty fresh and fuckin fruityWith yo titties like 2 melons, yo ass like a peachGonna do the in-and-out just like a Star-Bellied SneetchThey call me Marvin McBean, they know that I'm the dirty oneYou're only 16, I'm muthafuckin 31Waxin that ass on and off like Karate KidBend yo ass over the toilet, make you break the potty lidTuggin yo titties like a muthafuckin udderSpread my seed on yo belly like some Land O' Lakes butterGot you bitin on my balls, bloody handprints on the wallsAnd when I'm done I'm going to make you wash my dirty drawers, Beeeyatch!Now it's about to get nasty, cuz we haven't even started yeyPut yo face into this bag where I just fuckin farted, set? Go!In and out just like you cracked a fuckin whippitWhile you're doing that, I'll open up this rubber, gonna slip itOn my dog, brought him in to watch you suck his red chileWhile I'm eating dirty tampons and you're stomping on my willyI pissed into this dixie cup, now gargle it like ListerineI'll slap my salami til the skin starts blisteringCuz I'm a cold hardcore ass freakWith a picture of yo mama tattooed on my asscheekShe's big and bad, yes she cheated on yo dadMade that bitch's pussy wet, she had to change her maxi padShe got a shot from the dirty Dr. Seuss when I let my juice loose up inside of her cabooseShe thought I was a gentleman, a clean-cut AmericanSomeone who was better than a dirty bed-wetter, and-She was wrong, cuz I pissed on her mattressPulled my britches down and said, "Give my ass a fat kiss" And she did, right on my wrinkled pucker, "Right on!", I said "Bitch, you's a crazy muthafucker!"And if you make the same mistake yo muthafuckin mother didThinkin me the guy to be you wanna have another kid withOh bitch, don't trip, yo shit so slick, I'll slip my dick inside yo slitAnd get you creamin while I fill you fulla semenIn a little while, you'll have a little wild screamin demon

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