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Теги: Люди и блоги, tashkent sex, tashkent, sex, books

Классное видео - First, I am Welsh not English and Did this video to let women who I slept with from there know that they are in my books, I became a Author against all odds, I was one of nine children from a poor family, hated school because I was dyslexic that was not known about back in the 50is and 60is I was constantly hit in school and home for not behaving, I left school in 1965 not able to read or write properly, then landed up having a disastrous life, homeless and a down and out alcoholic but now look at me, 4 books out, been on TV, Magazines, papers and radio all over the world, all this you can see if you type my name Clive Worth into Google and into Amazon to see my books, 1st book about my life, 2nd dating, 3rd porn, 4th tips on how to date over 1000 women. Такое нигде не увидишь

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