Nudism is Evil! pageant nudist nudist pageants семейный нудизм с детьми видео порносемейный нудизм детский

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So what I was told about this picture is that this girl was one of many underage girls to compete in a nudism beauty pageant. All contestants were to model 3 times in front of a live audience. 1 time with clothes, 1 time in a swimsuit, and 1 time as a nudist.Apparently all contests were already nudists before this pageant, so they were not forced to do it, it's normal for them (or at least they think it's normal).I found an article about how many of the people who set this up pretend to make it just a beauty contest when in reality, it's just a cover up so that they can take pictures and video them with suspicion. These 3 pictures were a part of that article, and I think it kinda speaks for itself. It's the same girl all 3 times (apparently she is 15 years old), and she was contestant number 6 (obviously)

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