Вы смотрите: Persona 3 Portable [Maniac Mode/MShe] - SECRET BOSS: Theo (4/5)

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Finally, the time has come. I finally beat Theo on Maniac... You know, it wouldn't be as much of a problem if I had Orpheus Telos. Messiah has NO physical resistance, so his physical attacks hurt like hell. A critical means death. However on the upside, since Messiah gets his new skill Magic Skill Up, he has the most magic potential in the game. As you can see, I'm doing rather exceptional damage to Theodore throughout the entire fight with Panta Rhei. If you guys want me to make a video on how I got Messiah to inherit Panta Rhei just tell me.Required items: 15 Infinities (to survive Megidolaon), 1 Armageddon (To finish him off), about 20 homunculus (to survive instant death phase in his pattern). All of them can obtained in the Antique Store by trading gems, all the good spots are listed in the game mechanics guide on GFaqs.RULES: NO Null, Repel or Absorb of the element Theo is using. If you have a Persona with more than one Null, Repel or Absorb it will amount to the same thing. Non-stop Diarahan then Megidolaon 9999. DOOM. Omnipotent Orb makes them go Berserk too.Equipment: Ultimate Naginata (From Kartikeya, if you have Telos make his weapon)Armour Of Light (Messiah Heart Item)Shoes of Light (Messiah Heart Item)Divine Pillar (Alilat Heart Item)Anyways, this is his pattern:Maragidyne x2 with Uriel, susceptible to Bufu (Niflheim), blocks Strike, Light and Darkness, absorbs AgiMabufudyne x2 with Gabriel, susceptible to Agi (Ragnarok), blocks Pierce, light and darkness, absorbs BufuMaziodyne x2 with Michael, susceptible to Garu (Panta Rhei, the move I went with), blocks Strike, light and darkness, absorbs ZioMagarudyne x2 with Raphael, susceptible to Zio, blocks Pierce, Light and Darkness, absorbs GaruMahamaon x2 with Sandalphon, blocks all but physical attacksMamudoon x2 with Lilith, blocks all but physical attacksAny status aliment with Abaddon (Eerie Sound, Sexy Dance, Tentarafoo, Evil Smile, Poison Mist in any order) x2, blocks Light and darknessMegidolaon 9999 x2 with Beelzebub, blocks all but Almighty. Use Infinity to survive.During any time in the pattern, he can replace a spell with a Strike, Pierce or Slash attack. As stated before, they hurt like HELL if you don't have Telos.To win the fight, you will have to calculate your damage until you get him to a LITTLE over 10k HP, and get a High Counter on his SECOND turn. If it's on his first, he'll go into his doom phase and use Diarahan on himself. If you succeed, use the Armageddon and you win, good luck!

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